7’s Site (Old, no longer updated.)

7’s Site Remake - The place to find most of 7's stuff.

7’s Torn Trader Info - A site used by 7 to give people looking to trade with him in Torn a rough idea of his prices and available stock, with it's own rewards system!

Number Randomiser - A site where 7 had fun with numbers to improve his skills with JavaScript.

Dreams (Old, new version being worked on occasionally.) - A site where 7 shares a lot of his dreams he remembers and writes down.

7's Screenshot Archive (Outdated.) - The site where 7' archives all of his screenshots in games, which takes a very long time to rename and then add every single file. That's probably why it hasn't been updated in a while.

LS Game (On hold.) - An RPG 7 is making using localStorage. There are currently 4 weapons, 3 sets of clothing and 3 characters to choose from.

Blackjack - Blackjack without images.

Card Game - A card game based on the GMTK game jam version of Unlikely by Nacho Sama.

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